Your Friendly Guide, Dhana

Hello to all visitors to my home island of BALI,

Drs.I Nengah Suardhana, M.Pd.  a Balinese and a qualified tourist guide living in this beautiful Island of Bali. I am an English speaking tour guide having worked in this industry for the past 25 years since 1989.

Though I teach English in a local college, I am passionate about sharing my deep understanding of Balinese history and culture, as well as its flora and fauna with visitors like you. I am also learning ornithology and interested to guide bird watchers in Bali.

Give me the opportunity to show you around Bali, tell you more about Balinese traditional herbs and medicine, history & culture, and lots more!
Product :
1. Purification ritual
2. Balinese true life
3. Bali as you like

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