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Bali Outbond and Farm Stay Baturiti Tabanan

  Talking abaut the natural beauty of Bali is no end, various tourist attraction in Bali offers the beauty and uniqueness of each that make both domestic and foreign travelers never tire to come back to Bali. Besides the natural beauty and uniqueness of Bali are often used as release of fatigue and stress from the tourists.

     One of the sights of natural beauty - based recreation is not much known to the public at large is Bali Outbond and Farm stay (BOF) is located in the district Baturiti, Tabanan. The location is far from urban traffic noise so it is suitable as family recreation and leisure events office/group.
     Enter the path to the BOF along the way we will be treated to views of vegetable planttation owned by local residents that could be considered very well maintained. However, in our increasingly will be greeted by gravel and road condition that could be considered severely damaged. Small and narrow roads also make it difficult for large vehicles such as buses and trucks to enter the area. But after entering the BOF region, resentment and fatigue due to earlier broken through the streets seemed to diappear replaced by the beauty of the panorama is presented in front of the eyes. 

Fig 1. BOF Grass area ( west part) 
     Broad expanse of grass ( abaut 10 acres) is characteristic of the BOF. If we look towards the west will see a cluster of hills that are dark green, about ordinary people  call it as the Mount Melingkuh because the cluster of hills shaped like a man who was lying (melingkuh).
     BOF also equipped with barracks to stay. There is a large barracks with a capacity of up to 80 people, and small barracks whit a capacity of abaout 10 people. For visitor toilet facilities also do not need  to worry, there are about 17 toilets are available in the surrounding area of the BOF with warm and cold water facilities and toilets were clean condition, with no extra charge. 
Fig 2. Larga Barrack 

     Additionally BOF also provide outbond arena thet could be considered quite complete. Such as the flying fox, paint ball, and so forth. For the visitor who have a hobby of fishing, can also be distributed here, with an area of approximately 25 m fishing rod 10 m, visitor can fish as much by paying a certain fee. And various other recreational facilities. 
    Extensive lawn area and beautiful and comes with more than 10 gazebo can also be used as a suitable place for a variety of events, such as games, campfire, or camp. With the cost of rent that can be fairly comparable to the facilities that are served, which is about Rp. 1.500.000,- for 2 days 1 night, visitor can freely enjoy the facilities and the beauty of Bali Outbound and Farm stay. 
 Fig 3. Visitor who are playing games
Fig 4. BOF group of visitors tenants from Marine and Fisheries Faculty of Udayana
Location : Baturiti Street, Tabanan Regency 
Width : 10 Ha
Fasility : Barracks, toilet, fish pole, Outbond area, gazebo, villa, camping area 
Costs : Rp 1.500.000,-/ 2 days 1 night

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