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Dam Grokgak Buleleng Bali

Dam Grokgak located at Grokgak District, Buleleng regency.  This dam functioned to collect rain water and irrigation for agricultural purposes in the District of Grokgak. In addition to the dam is also utilized as a recreation area for both local and outside guests.
After arriving at the dam then we will be greeted by posts attached to the dam wall as shown below.

After reaching here we will rise again to follow the path that has been provided for to the dam.

At the edge of the dam is intentionally fill asphalt road to the visitors so that visitors can freely enjoy the scenery around the dam.
As it looks like the picture above. In the picture there are also seen people sitting and chatting while enjoying the scenery around the dam.

Also do not forget to capture the moment on the edge of the dam, as shown in the following picture :
Seemed to be at the top of the cloud... :)
And the following is information about the Dams Grokgak:

Province: Bali
Sector: Directorate General of Water Resources
Type: Stone urugan with Core Land
Basic High Above the River: 30 m
Height Above Pit: 36.65 m
Peak Length: 440 m
Peak Width: 6 m
Body Volume Dam: 838000 m
Cost: Rp. 25,000,000,000.00
Consultant: Directorat General of Highways
Contractor: PT. The company is
Location: Village / District Grokgrak, Buleleng regency

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