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Tourism Object Sekumpul Waterfall Buleleng Bali

Buleleng Bali has many natural tourism object, one of which is the sekumpul waterfall, located in the Sekumpul village of Buleleng Bali  . From the singaraja city to the sekumpul village proximat 30 minutes away by motorbike. But before heading to the waterfalls should be prepared physically and provision as to reach the waterfall from the parking lot is so far away, we had to walk about 2 kilometers to pass the path and stairs. In between trips there are many beautiful natural scenery and not infrequently their visitors capture the moment as shown below.

And proximate after traveling one kilometer we will meet with views of waterfall. In these tourism object there are 2 locations of waterfalls, the following is the first waterfall encountered during the trip.

After walking proximate 500 meters you will arrive at the location of the two scenic waterfalls, in addition to the beautiful landscape of waterfalls, there is also a resting post. This resting post is aproximate 100 meters from the center of the sekumpul waterfall. In this place we can enjoy lunch while enjoying the beauty that sekumpul waterfall.

From this place to go down the waterfall, we had to walk down the stairs and cross the river. After reaching the bottom of the waterfall was incredible sensation we almost could not take pictures because of the wind and drizzle falls disrupt the lens of the camera so the results are less good. other than, there is also a tourist agro introduced coffee plants, cloves and cacao.

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