Senin, 05 Mei 2014

Terracing at Ceking Tegalalang

Ceking village is one of the tourism object  in Gianyar district, In this pleae you can find so beautiful rice field view with terracing. Ceking village located in the Tegalalang  district, Gianyar regency. Proximate about 10 kilometers from Ubud. In this tourism object we will see views of terraced rice fields with her ​​beautiful, looks as shown below

In addition, if we are visiting here just in time for the planting season we can see directly farmers plant rice. In this place we can see that farmers do daily activities. In one of his rice was mowing grass, and not infrequently the tourists who visit here to take advantage of the moment to be immortalized as seen in the picture below.

This place is very precise in visit at lunchtime because in this place there are also several restaurant so we could have lunch while enjoying the scenery of rice fields were so beautiful. 
This place has also been visited by famous soccer player Critiano Ronaldo during filming famous advertising supplement drinks in Indonesia. 
Also in this place there are also many art shop that sells a variety of souvenir. 
For those of you holiday to Bali and have not been here, for more adds experience please visit Ceking Tegalalang.

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