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Sightsee to Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah is one of the turism object  located at Gianyar regency is located at Banjar Goa, Bedulu village, Belahbatuh district, Gianyar regency proximate 5 km from Ubud.
This tusism object is a relic of antiquity. In the book Negara Kertagama, composed by Mpu Prapanca during the reign of King Hayam Wuruk in Majapahit era, mention Goa Gajah is located at the village of Bedulu as the abode of the Bodadyaksa. 
Also in the mentioned term Kunjara kunjapada that mean "Annexe Kunjara", kunjara in Sanskrit means elephant. This is Agastya annexe, located at Mysore in southen India there are era many wild elephants living at the annexe. Thus the possibility of Goa Gajah will remind the Kunjarapada exixting annexe in India. Similarly a brief history abaut Goa Gajah. 
If you've entered, we will find a parking spot for tourists who visit Goa Gajah which looks like this photo.

 After that if we get into it we will be greeted whit the words " welcome to Goa Gajar "

To get into this pleace have rule that should be adhered. for example a woman have menstruation should not enter the area at Goa Gajah, Should not be wearing shorts, for equipment such as scarves and kamben been prepared by officers.
Affter enter at Goa Gajah temple we will see a pool with six statues of women with shower.

And until now its existence is believed to  provide a vibration aura purification for visitors.
In front of the cave there is a building that holds the statue of Queen Brayut or Hariti. According to the archaeologists Hariti evil character is a character in the beginning but after studying Buddhism evil nature turns into a loving child. Here is a picture of the building.

Front view of Goa Gajah.
In this place many tourists that capture the moment while visiting Goa Gajah.

If we get into the cave then we will find some statues are statues of Lord Ganesh As in the following picture.

There are also statues of Tri Linga, Linga in Hinduism which is a symbol of Lord Shiva. Here is a picture of the Tri Lingga contained in Goa Gajah.

Goa Gajah complex consists of two main parts: the northern part of the complex is part of the teachings of Siwa with Tri Lingga and Ganesha statues in the cave.
Complex That area is part Tukad Pangkung Buddhism by the presence of relics of Buddhist stupa. 

at Goa Gajah also many trade sell souvenir from Bali.

If you holiday to Bali do not forget a visit to Goa Gajah :)


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