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Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bedugul Botanical Garden is one of the faforit attractions in Bali  both local, national and international  travelers. This attraction located in Bedugul tourism area, in addition to the cool air is also suitable for those of you who love to learn about plant conservation.
Bedugul Botanical Garden was founded July 15, 1959, this attraction is very crowded in the school holidays so do not be surprised at the time we will find a lot of bus excursion, family cars and motor cycles that meet at Bedugul Botanical Garden parking , especially fitting Manis Galuangan day and Manis Kuningan day guaranteed crowded at all.

Entering the botanical garden area, all seemingly green and beginning we were greeted by a so great statue Kumbakarna . To enjoy every area you will be connected with walkways or it could be available by road. Because of the cool air and the scenery is so green, even though the area is quite extensive so tired was not felt.

As one of the four a park in Indonesia, Bedugul Botanical Gardens Have a garden area and protected forest with an area of approximately 154.5 hectares with a collection of plants that reach
approximately consisted of 1,500 species, 320 genera, and 155 plants tribe. Can be divided into a number of plants to be protected and wild plants are ornamental plants, fruit trees, plants for the ceremony, etc.
There are also various ferns, and some ferns grown in the building shaped like ancient animals as ferns also includes ancient plant species. There is also the orchid garden / Orchid park with various collections, such as orchids scorpion (arachnisflos - Aeris), orchids (Spathologlottis plicata) and Epindrum radicans orchid species from North America and South America. and there is also a collection of black orchid flower (Coelogyne pandurata) are well known and can only be seen interest between the months of July-August.

Not far from the park there is also a garden orchid cactus that stores various kinds of cactus in a glass room and looks very very beautiful and orderly.

Bedugul Botanical Gardens is very suitable to serve as tour play while learning, in addition to traveling and enjoy lunch brought also can gain knowledge about the various types of plants. Congratulations visited attractions Bedugul Botanical Gardens friend .. :)

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