Rabu, 19 April 2017

Nyang Nyang Beach Bali

Nyang Nyang Beach  Bali is one of the white sand beaches located on the southern island of Bali, precisely on Jl. Uluwatu, Br. Boma Coral Service, Pecatu, Kuta Badung, Bali. Nyang Nyang Beach has a very close distance to Uluwatu Temple, one of the favorite tourist attractions of domestic tourists while on the island of Bali.

Nyang Nyang  Beach Bali is behind the hill, has clean white sand and the slope of the beach is very gentle and wide. It takes extra effort and stamina fit to get to the beach. Because the access road is still steep and the car or motorcycle can not reach the beach so it must walk from the top of the parking lot to the beach.
Your tiredness will be paid off after you arrive at the beach, the sea view that connects the coast with the Indian Ocean will be found on Nyang Nyang beach.
If you are planning a vacation to Nyang Nyang beach  Bali, you should use the vehicle in good condition, because the road you will take is the limestone soil with rock conditions scattered on the streets, especially in the rainy season will be more difficult to pass the muddy road conditions and slippery. Nyang Nyang Beach condition is still natural, very few visitors on this beach, only a few foreign tourists who love surfing sports that often come to Nyang Nyang beach.
Nyang Nyang Uluwatu beach is suitable for surfing, because the beach has a big wave. Activities that can be done on the Nyang Nyang beach Uluwatu in addition to surfing, you can swim or just sit back while watching the ocean view with the waves and also you can walk on the white sand with tekstru slightly rough.
At Nyang Nyang beach you can see some scalloped shells, while looking at the beauty of the cliffs that are green, looking very beautiful from a distance.

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