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Tirta Empul Temple Tampaksiring

Tirta Empul tourism object is located in Manukaya village, Tampaksiring Gianyar, Bali. Tirta empul is right on the left of the presidential palace on Tampaksiring.Tirta empul is one of the main tourist destinations during a tour in Bali. Access to this tourist attraction is quite easy because it is on the tourist route of Ubud - Kintamani, so this place is mandatory for tourists visiting Bali. Tirta empul is a holy bath and sacred by Hindus. Every celebration of Hindu holy day is always crowded by Balinese people to pray and curse or purify themselves. Many tourists visit Tirta Empul and it is not uncommon for tourists to participate Penglukatan, want to feel the freshness of the water in Tirta Empul.Tourists can take a bath and refresh themselves in the next pool of water for begging or purification.

For non Hindus if want to feel the spiritual aura from tirta empul, You can purify yourself and must pay attention to the terms and conditions and you will feel a different of spiritual tourism. the atmosphere of this place is calm and peaceful. a temple in the upstream of the bathhouse. Used by residents as a place of worship after completing the practice of purification. 

Aside from being a tourist spot, for the Hindus Tirta Empul Tampaksiring this is a sacred place that is very sanctified. Every holy day for Hindus this place is always crowded with people who want to curse and pray. It is not uncommon to queue at this bathing place full and willing to queue for a long time, if on normal days it's rather quiet. well this is where the opportunity for tourists to feel the freshness of the purified natural spring. Bathing areas will always be crowded during Hindu religious holy days. like when the moon is full or full moon, especially during the Banyupinaruh celebration the day after Saraswati Day. Tempat ini dipastikan akan membludak dipenuhi warga Hindu.

Tirta Empul, has a unique mithology and is still trusted by the inhabitants of this island even today, this story arises from the story of the despotic Balinese King named Maya Denawa, the king made his people anxious and miserable, this incident made the Heavenly God concerned, then the God of Heaven sent his troops, led by Dewa Indra.Maya Denawa itself is so powerful that it is hard to conquer, because Denawa's magic power also creates a river that flows poisonous water that makes the Lord's troops poisoned, with his magic Lord Indra sticks his stick so that water appears (now called Tirta Empul) to sprinkle many god Indra's troops poisoned , so it's healthy as usual. And finally Maya Denawa can be destroyed.to go to Tirta Empul - Tampaksiring, from the airport it takes about 70 minutes to drive, of course the choice is you can drive your own vehicle or use a car rental service in Bali and then continue the tour to Kintamani, Tegalalang and Ubud attractions.If  holiday in bali don't forget to visit the Tirta empul tourist attraction.

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