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Brahma Vihara Buddhist at Banjar Buleleng Bali

Banjar Brahma Buddhist  temple is one of the tourism object in Buleleng regency is located in the village of Banjar Tegeha proximate 18 km to the west of Singaraja town and 2 km towards the south of the road singaraja Seririt. This temple is situated in the foothills overlooking to sea. From here we can immediately see the ocean views are to the north of the temple. Brahmawihara-Boarding is better known by the name of Banjar Buddhist Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali. To get into this place there are a few rules must be obeyed one of which is not use shorts above the knee if there travelers who already wear shorts visit there, the clerk has prepared Kamben that can be borrowed to enter the temple. If we get into it we will find a monument shaped like a large bell. This monument was donated from Thailand, here is a picture of the monument.

After the bell monument if we entered again into the temple we will arrive at monument, the first glance we look like a miniature of Borobudur which looks like the image below.

 In this temple there is room, in the room which is usually done praying and activities dahrma discourse and meditation. Inside the temple there is a Buddhist stupa looks like the image below.

The bramavihara  hostel consists of three words namely : Brahma Vihara and Dormitory. Brahma means sublime, very noble, praiseworthy, glorious. Vihara means the light of life. Dormitory means the place where to stay. From these meanings it means Brahmavihara hostel is a place to train themselves to forge noble behavior. Giving the name Brahmavihara by The late Bhante Giri as Founding Father very much in line with founder purposes. Behavior can be extracted and sublime in life on this place by way of meditation. Brahmavihara proclaimed by Bhante Giri as a place to meditate. So that on any given day in this place held a meditation guided by Mr Gede Prama.

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