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Setiadarma House of Mask & Puppet

House of Masks and Puppets Setia Darma (RTWSD) is home to thousands of masks and puppets archipelago and also from several other countries in Asia and Africa. RTWSD located in a lush village located in Banjar Tengkulak Tengah, Gianyar, Bali. In addition to family and cultural tourist destination, RTWSD also constructed as an effort for the preservation, education, entertainment, and development of the art of mask and puppet.

Fig 1. Collection puppet klitik at RTWSD
Fig 2. Several Barong Collection at RTWSD

RTWSD initiated a businessman at the same time cultural observer, Hadi Sunyoto and opened in 2006. Starting from the low awareness of the appreciation and awareness of traditional masks and puppets in Indonesia, he collected the masks and puppets from various regions in Indonesia for a period of 8 years. The collection is then stored, preserved, and opened to the public so that the public is more familiar with its existence. Partikulir RTSWD be managed entirely without government interference. However, its management system adheres to the principle of working of a museum.

Occupying a land area of ​​1.4 acres, this home store 7000 collection consisting 1.300 of masks from Indonesia, Africa, and Japan. Meanwhile, for the collection of puppet registered  approximately 5.700 puppets from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Mianmar, and Cambodia, and the amount of the collection will be growing over time given the seriousness of the host to preserve the culture Mask and Puppet.
Figure 3. Several Mask Collection of Foreign Affairs
Collection is currently on display at RTWSD only half of the total number of collections that have been collected. With the complete collection, where it is important to preserve the house and look at the masks and puppets. Especially when considering the art of masks and puppets increasingly displaced by modern entertainment.

The building is the storage of mask and puppet adopt the principle of Balinese architecture. There is also a traditional Javanese building, such as joglo, tekuk lulang and limasan. Tropical gardens, lawns, and beautiful views of the rice fields add to the impression of the house. Also a performance space in RTWSD supporting facilities.

At RTWSD also often held the cultural events, such as puppet shows and dance of the archipelago and abroad. Also in place is also briefly held a world puppet festival followed by various countries.
Fig 4. Kecak Dance at RTWSD

The presence of this house also further strengthens Herzliya as a tourist attraction famous art in the world. Each day, the house was visited by the general public, school children, students, observers puppets and masks, or the researchers.
Jl. Tegal Bingin, Banjar Tengkulak Tengah
Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali
Email: setiadarmabali@yahoo.co.id
Website: www.topengwayang.com

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