Jumat, 21 Agustus 2015

Exciting Experiences Climb Mount Batur

This time we will tell how we experience time to climb Mount Batur, but first I want  to tell you about Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is one of the mountain in Bali that had erupted in 1917. But do not worry, even though this mountain including active volcano mountain is still in a state of safe. Mount Batur peak has an altitude of 5633 feet, or about 1717 meters. On the slopes of the mountain there is a lake which is also referred to as Lake Batur, the lake is the largest lake in Bali.
If you never climbed the mountain does not have to worry, because the ascent to Mount Batur included in easy level.
At that time the five of us depart from Denpasar at 10 pm, reached the shelf about - about half past 12, located in the village of Kintamani Toya Bungkah. There also is provided a guide to guide fitting ascent, but we did not use the services of a guide at the time, because some of us had never hiked there. Having reached the foot of the mountain shelf, namely in the village of Toya Bungkah, there are proper resting hikers before setting out. We rested there while waiting at 3 am in order to fit on top can see the sunrise. 

After 3 am we set off towards the summit. But previously used to prepare food for climbing out of the house such as water and boiled eggs, add a hefty use of energy. At the time I think few people who hike, there are many. Both the local and foreign tourists so, from the foot of the mountain looks flashlight flickering from the bottom to the top. The farther the road will be steep,

but post break provided there. Because we
slow climb  so about 5.30 we reached the top. We opened the provision pending the sunrise, it was fitting that time we were lucky because the weather was sunny so we could see the beautiful view from the mountain top.

If you forgot to take stock  not a problem, because at the top there are stalls that provide bread and warm milk, we could buy there just do not forget to bring the money  ...: P

It fits on top of us also not forget to capture the moment with a photograph together, and the atmosphere was a bit crowded.

Passable can see the beautiful natural scenery and enjoy the cool air it so fun.. :D
little tips of us remember bring headgear, slop hand, jacket and shoes because there the air is cold and damp passable, the terrain is too rocky so let me comfortable and secure fit climb. Moreover take stock sufficiently so as not too heavy.
And another thing, do not litter to keep our nature to remain beautiful .... :)

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