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Blue Point Beach Uluatu Bali

Blue Point Beach or Suluban Beach Uluwatu is a beach with steep cliffs and enough high waves. Blue Point Beach Bali more suitable place for the hobbyist to the sport of surfing. therefore if you vacation to the beach Blue Point, you will see more tourists than foreigners domstik.

Following the appearance of the  Blue Point
Beach or Suluban Beach.
A visit to the Blue Point  Beach need extra effort to be able to reach the shore, because you have to walk approximately 300 meters from the vehicle to the parking area down the stairs.The sea view seen two colors, for the part that will be colored in dark blue and blue part besides cliff scenery is also captivating. After passing the stairs about 50 meters of the visitors must pass through a more narrow stairs and small  flanked by cliffs of white rock, sometimes have to queue to be able to pass this ladder. Suluban is a Balinese language derived from the word "Mesulub" which meant walking past the some thing above the head.

Suluban this beach called by locals because once you arrive at the beach and set foot on the white sand, you will see the path to the beach is flanked by two cliffs are fairly high and looks like a hallway and you have to pass through this corridor to reach the shore.

The current down the stairs, you will see the cafe, stalls offering culinary tours combined with the scenic beauty of the beach Blue Point.

Above the cliffs also provided some beds with mattresses for visitors who want to relax unwind after a hefty stair sweat.

Not only that, if you visit in the afternoon, you will be able to see the red sky at sunset view much awaited by the visitors.

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